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25 Reasons to keep racing in Melbourne

Thanks to dear reader Lisa, who felt compelled to share this after our little insights into Australia’s brilliant way with tourism advertising.

FYI, like Ron Walker, our Melbourne circuit sits somewhere in the middle between convicts and giant spiders.

So where the bloody Hell were you?

People, meet Ron Walker, paragon of Australian tourism. Ron’s found the perfect way to motivate the entire F1 circus to keep coming back to Australia, despite the increasingly crowded racing calendar: insult the drivers.

According to Mr Genius Walker, our fine lads who risk their lives on the world’s circuits on a weekly basis are “a bunch of lazy people who won’t do anything to help the sport, except for two or three.” The expression ‘prima donnas’ was also heard. The reason for all this? They’re afraid of the dark.

Ron’s remarks come in a fine tradition of Australian Tourism advertising by way of insulting large masses of people. Which is strange, considering they should know by now that it does the opposite of what it’s supposed to do.

Keep going Ron, you’re doing fine. Meanwhile, here’s a suggestion in case you’ll be queried later about the two or three exceptions. Be sure to exclude:
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