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Now I understand what this YouTube is all about

Cat videos. Somebody mentioned this to me before, said this YouTube was quite the phenomenon. Beats me, with a name like that I naturally think tyre distributor or something of that ilk. Which we happen to be in need of, but that’s another matter.

Turns out it’s a website where you can watch your pet. Or preferably other people’s pets, as far as I’m concerned.

Well, thanks to Fabiana I now too have my favourite cat video. Take that, digerati!

Don’t try this at home, laddies

At least that’s the advice we’re getting from The Sun after Sebastian Buemi’s mishap at the Shanghai circuit today. Kid me not. It’s not often you see two front wheels simultaneously jump off the car as if they’re trying to escape from impending disaster.

Although it was a wee bit funny when the camera switched immediately afterwards to the driver’s point of view and we could see Seb frantically trying to steer the car without any wheels to steer it with.

I know the feeling. You get yourself into a bit of a pickle and there’s nothing you can do any more but watch the drama unfolding. Life can be frustrating that way.