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About to start the Malaysian Grand Prix

Comfortably settled in my pit lane suite, it’s dry for the moment but we’re looking forward to an interesting race nevertheless. I’ve told everyone I’ve ordered rain for 4.15PM and they seem to believe me. Amazing how much weight your average F1 supremo carries these days.

Looking forward to another live blogging race, set up by my lovely Fabiana.

Jarno’s putting on a brave face with his Protus

F1 drivers are pampered little brats. Don’t blame ’em, everyone is keen on keeping them in clover because God forbid something might spoil their mood and they forget to perfom in the one hour and three quarters in their lives that really matter.

One of the big perks is a company car, of course. Which is really nice if you drive for one of the big manufacturers, like Mercedes or Ferrari. Michael likes to tool around tunnel ceilings in an SLR Gullwing and lads like Alonso get their own customised latest model Ferrari. (Although not everyone in the Ferrari team seems to get equal treatment.)

So it was a bit painful to meet Jarno Trulli in the carpark here at Sepang yesterday with his new company car. In Lotus colours, of course. But since this is Malaysia, with a Proton Badge. I was with Tony Fernandez, always unflappable. That chap has a great future ahead of him, as I said before. Tony immediately wanted to take a picture of Jarno posing proudly with his Protus, and Tony’s the team boss so the poor lad had no choice. These must be the moments when a car enthousiast wonders what’s gone wrong in life.

Just arrived in Sepang…

… the only stretch of road in Malaysia without any potholes.

Other than that the place is still a dump. Gone to seed after twelve years of no maintenance. They’ve done up the paddock area a bit, thinking I wouldn’t notice how bad the rest is, but Boss Bernie has eyes everywhere (and an assistant who knows her way around the internets). I wasn’t born yesterday you know.

Photo is from last year but fortunately the weather’s still the same. At least that’ll save us another funeral procession on Sunday.