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The Stig revealed. Long live the new Stig!

Finally, the truth is out. It was you, Ben Collins. It was you all along.

Needless to say, the mystery revealed means the end of the Stig as we know him. Truth be told, I’ve had some fantasies of my own on that account. I even bought one of those outfits. Let’s not forget, I’m an ex-racing driver myself, ain’t I?

But one has to be realistic at my age. So here are a couple of suggestions for the Top Gear team.

The Stud. Research has shown that TG scores well in the 35-49 year old male segment, but they’re lagging a wee bit in the female part of the audience. This would do wonders, methinks.

The Stag. Here’s a suggestion from the Koreans. Make a bit of a greener version, in keeping with the times. Just a thought.

OK, I was kidding. Don’t pander to women, and never give in to the Koreans.
Top Gear, don’t change. Just find another Stig.