Why this blog?

I can’t remember a single occasion when I have been kind to a journalist. When I do speak to them, more often than not the wrong bits get quoted.

As a result people now think that I like Hitler and see all women as domestic appliances.

So I decided to take matters in my own hand and start this blog. See it as just a random collection of the F1 Supremo’s thoughts. They may make sense to you, or they may not. But since they’re my thoughts, they do matter, one way or another.

3 responses to “Why this blog?

  1. Am I dealing direct with Bernie Ecclestone? If not ignore message – If I am please give me a direct address as I have comments relevant to Phillip Island Australia and Ron Walker

  2. You are dealing with the one and only Fake Bernie Ecclestone. Any comments you do not want to make in public can be sent to me at FakeBernie.E @ gmail.com (remove spaces lest the internet hyenas get hold of my address). Keep it short, simple and polite, please.

  3. niceeee i like it….dont let this blog die!

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